Enterprise Switches and Routers


Enterprise Switches and Routers

Enterprise Switches and Routers

The OptiSwitch-MR family of intelligent Ethernet switches and routers is a line of high performance multilayer and stackable systems that provide enhanced security and quality of service (QoS), and also enable high availability to improve the operation of the network. With Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and high-end 10 Gigabit Ethernet options, the OptiSwitch-MR series delivers interface flexibility, wirespeed performance and superior port density in an affordable compact form factor. Complete Layer 2 and Layer 3 features address the requirements of both enterprises and service providers. The OptiSwitch-MR solutions can be implemented in various networking scenarios.. They can serve as a powerful desktop connectivity platform for small, medium and large enterprises. They can also operate as next generation backbone solutions, using a 40 GE stacking technique that grows up to 384 GE, plus eight 10 GE ports for backbone connectivity. OptiSwitch-MR switches are also ideal for networks where space and costs are a concern. Multimedia aware networking services, including voice, video, storage and data, can be deployed while maintaining the simplicity of traditional LAN switching.

OptiSwitch-OSM8510 10G Switching Platform

The high performance, scalable and feature rich OSM8510 is a 10G switching platform designed for a wide variety of applications. From Enterprise switching and routing with both IPv4 / IPv6 to Carrier Layer 2 Services concentrator with Power Over Ethernet ( POE )and MPLS* features, the OSM8510 provides a flexible and resilient solution.

OptiSwitch-MR 2000 L2+ Series

Intelligent L2+ Switches — Optiswitch-MR Layer 2+ models offer a range of standalone, stackable, and Power over Ethernet models, along with 10GE uplink and concentrator options to answer the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth.

OptiSwitch-MR 3000 L3+ Series

Intelligent L3+ Switches — OptiSwitch-MR Layer 3 switches deliver high performance dynamic IP routing through wire-speed hardware and enhanced multilayer software. The Optiswitch-MR routing architecture allows for increased performance with high-speed lookups, while ensuring the stability and enhanced scalability necessary to meet the needs of future requirements.

OptiSwitch-MR Fiber to the Home

The Optical Access products provide a unique approach to broadband access, with Carrier class Ethernet access and optical transport in a single solution.

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