Layer 3 Switches


Optical SNS L3 Ethernet products overview:

SNS L3 series of intelligent, multilayer and high performance Enterprise switching designed for widespread applications such as education, government and large/medium enterprise networks. The SNS L3 series provide solid structure of enhanced security, quality of service (QoS), high availability and exceptional performance.The robust Layer 3 foundation, with enhanced security and rich features enabling high performance, high reliability and high availability for optical L3 Ethernet communications.10G Ethernet L3 Gigabit Ethernet, interface flexibility with hardware forwarding, wire-speed performance and ASIC based ACL policy, ensure Enterprise and Internet Service Provider requirements.SNS L3 series meet the requirements of 10G wire-speed forwarding and looking up table items. The embedded table items have strong scalability and can be deployed to simultaneously look up ACL, QoS and IPv6 items and realize multiple looking-up chains among user, service and specific protocol stacks. Through fast table-lookup technology, FPGA logic analysis and ASIC-based high-speed forwarding, SNS L3 series routers are able to finish learning and converging of thousand BGP routes in seconds.With hardware based IP routing, SNS L3 series delivers flexibility routing protocol features along with practical propriety extensions allow easier deployment of network services. Routing protocol such and RIP and OSPF provides dynamic routing by exchanging routing information with other L3 switches or routers. SNS L3 series is a safe investment when future protocols and features need to be deployed. As one of the first 10G switches and routing platforms, SNS L3 series embody advanced networking solutions and provide high availability and multiple services over IP backbone networks.