MR4600RPS 600 WATT Redundant Power Supply

MR4600RPS Product Overview

Networks are today at the heart of any business, requiring networks to be running and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Often, network services are interrupted due to failure of the power system, be it a power supply in a switch or server, or the AC supply source. To overcome the problem of failing power supplies, communication gears are designed to derive all their internal DC voltages from a 12 Volts power bus. In normal operation this 12 Volt DC is generated by an AC to DC converter running off the 115 V AC power lines. The 12 Volts power bus is also connected to a special 12 Volts DC connector, through which the 12 Volts bus can be fed from an external redundant power supply unit, in case the internal AC to DC converter fails.


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