About Us


Company Overview:

Optical SNS is a privately held high tech company, USA based. Our company provides high technology system innovation, with variety and unique products for the optical communication environments.Our team has more than 20 years experience in optical communication fields including optical packet switching, enterprise communication and optical transport solutions.Optical SNS products have been installed world wide to support the Enterprise and Internet Service Provider requirements.Optical SNS designs and manufactures specialty optical products and high speed high performance optical solutions for the telecommunications industry

Optical SNS Mission:

As optical networks driven by customers high speed communications demand, innovation in the core network, and the world media changes, we should provide much more availability with much more reliability.Applications such as TV streaming, Email, web browsing, multimedia and VOIP become ordinary and new application formation of  world wide services have been develop such as cloud computing, and network storage.15 years ago, users offered 56 Kb/s speed to accesses to the Internet using dial up modem, 1,000 time slower than the common technology that offered today, such as cable modems, FTTx technology and GPON.The development of the laser in 1960 with the development of low loss optical fiber in 1970 and the semiconductor laser that was demonstrated in 1980 have ushered in a new era for optical communication.It is now possible for optical fiber systems to provide high speed data rate communication across the oceans and between continents.Optical systems in combination with switches and routers are enabling and constructing high capacity network over the globe.Optical Network systems are becoming more critical for providers which are looking for the highest performance.Optical SNS missions are to provide high performance, high reliability and high availability for high capacity optical communications.